Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (trading symbol QB:ADMD)
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Advanced Medical Isotope CEO Releases Shareholder Letter Outlining New Streamlined Path to FDA Submission

(Tue, 14, Feb 2017) >> read more


Advanced Medical Isotope CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders Issues Full Status Update, Planned FDA Submission Pathway and Business Plan for 2017 and Beyond

(Wed, 11, Jan 2017) >> read more


Advanced Medical Isotope announced today that Dr. Michael Korenko, Ph. D., who formerly served as an advisor to the Board, was named as AMI's interim President and Chief Executive Officer, replacing James Katzaroff.

(Tue, 20, Dec 2016) >> read more


Advanced Medical Isotope announced today that it has been awarded in the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for Benton County, a total judgment of $527,875.74 USD. 
(Fri, 2, Dec 2016) >> read more


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Mission, Vision & Values.

We are people promoting elements of change.

AMI's mission employs in vivo delivery systems to aid medical practitioners and medical researchers in the timely diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases such as cancer, 

heart disease, neurological disorders, and many other medical conditions as well as innovative 

production methods to offer a wide range of reliable, domestically produced medical isotopes. 

AMI's vision is to globally empower physicians, medical researchers, and ultimately, 

patients, by providing them with new isotope technologies and essential medical isotopes that, 

until now, have not been practical or economical to produce, in an effort to detect, manage, 

and cure human disease.  

Our Core Values are based on the simple things in life:
Accountability. Management. Innovation. Commitment. These are more than words to our organization. These are practices on which we rely as we seek to shape the future of patient care in this Millennium.